How ServiceNow Answers Remote Work Challenges with Automation

Thanks to digital transformation, the modern workplace looks a lot different than it used to. Today, offices could be in a traditional office building, a coffee shop, or a home office. Businesses have embraced the non-traditional workplace environment to attract and retain talent. But the ability to work from anywhere has created new challenges with offices across. To meet these challenges, businesses are starting to invest in workplace automation technology. ServiceNow offers an AI-driven and future-ready workplace automation solution.

Enterprise Services Across Any Device and Platform

The number of users who access and share data across various personal devices has increased dramatically over the years and with a distributed workforce located in different locations and home offices, it’s become mandatory to deliver enterprise services to employees in the platform or device they prefer. Separate enterprise systems and processes pose a challenge in ensuring accessibility across devices and channels. This is where cloud technology comes in.

To ensure enterprise service mobility, ServiceNow Cloud Solutions help employees access enterprise services. The ServiceNow cloud is a hybrid cloud management framework with reliable processes for public and private clouds to guarantee access to business services and application delivery to employees. This solution reduces costs of maintaining servers.

Seamless Access to Human Resources with HR Automation

The Human Resources department can fall into a trap of resolving repetitive employee requests and the work increases even more with a remote workforce. To solve this problem, ServiceNow offers a robust HR automation solution called the ServiceNow HR portal. The HR Portal maintains all employee services and self-assistance capabilities in a single location for employees to resolve issues on their own.

To intelligently automate HR service delivery, ServiceNow offers mobile apps and chatbot integrations. These integrations allow users to access the portal and submit requests from any location. The HR chatbot application lets users interact with the HR portal in natural language to get the issue resolved without having to reach out to an HR rep or try and understand the catalogue of documents on their own.  The ServiceNow Chatbot application is powered by AI. The AI studies employee interactions and develops tailored conversational experiences for employees.

(To learn more about ServiceNow’s HR tools, check out the 4 Point ServiceNow Formula for Best-In-Class HR Automation and Service Management)

Transparent Project Management

Effective project management can also become challenging when the workforce is spread across many locations. To keep track of timelines, budget, and KPIs, ServiceNow has some excellent automation tools.

Performance Analytics can track, aggregate, and visualize Key Performance Indicators over time. This allows for in-depth analytics and more visibility into the full project scope. Extensive analytics allows leaders to plan, measure, evaluate, and restructure project goals. Based on this data, business leaders gain better visibility of overall commitments.  The beauty of PA is that stakeholders have access to meaningful insights on hundreds of projects they’re handling without needing a team of analysts to create reports. Performance Analytics effectively enhances transparency, governance, and accountability.

Predict, Position and Secure the Modern Workforce

Predict Workforce Needs: HR departments find it difficult to manage and analyze employee data. The Performance Analytics module can also be used for HR to study workforce trends. HR can study skill gaps, learning curves, and performance parameters of each employee and accordingly suggest solutions to improve employee performance. ServiceNow continuously monitors employee work, proactively detects obstacles, and recommends solutions. This improves employee confidence and satisfaction manifolds.

Position Talent: Accurate positioning of talent increases productivity. Placing the right talent in the right role is the key to success for any project. ServiceNow investigates workforce behavior, produces skill maps, and suggests enhancements to employees to improve skill levels to meet organizational needs. This way, project management teams can make strategic use of the skillset of the team.

Security: “Prevention is better than the cure.” To ensure better security, the ServiceNow SecOps module comes with full-stack security solutions to proactively identify security risks and alert employees to handle risks in advance. ServiceNow Security Operations has many integrations to automate threat intelligence, vulnerability, and patching information to avoid manual interventions.

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