How ServiceNow Ticketing Tool Solves Many Time-Consuming Tasks Within Your Organization


ServiceNow has been a key player in transforming enterprise software for nearly two decades and continues to innovate technology as the world evolves. Supplying one of the fastest-growing marketing of information technology, ServiceNow goes beyond platform and software services with their ticketing tool that can solve many time-consuming tasks within the organization.

The Three Steps of ServiceNow’s Ticketing Tool

Implementing a quality ticketing system can save time, money and effort used in resolving reoccurring IT issues. A powerful IT service management framework based on an ITIL service delivery model is the driver of ServiceNow’s ticketing tool system. This system is broken down into three central steps: reporting an issue, managing the issue and resolving the issue.

Step One: Reporting the Issue

With omnichannel communication models, ServiceNow gives employees and users multiples ways to reports issues for resolutions, including:

  • Calling the service desk
  • Using the chat feature
  • Report issues via email
  • Creating an incident via service portal or catalog

Malfunctions can be displayed on any service or device with its own predictive analytics and machine learning techniques.

Step Two: Managing the Issue

Managing each issue consumes three individual parts: assessment, assignment, and investigation. Once an issue is reported, it is categorized by urgency and the potential damage it may cause. After determination, the issue is dispatched to a support employee for resolution. With the power of artificial intelligence, ServiceNow can automatically route issues to the best-suited department. While each incident is under investigation, employees can track the tickets process and check resolution status in real-time.

Step Three: Resolving the Issue

Many Legacy IT management systems don’t implement a closing process and rely on a break-fit model of operation. ServiceNow’s ticketing tool closes each case with detailed notes (the type of fix, time to fix, any follow-up instructions, etc.) If for any reason an issue is left unresolved, an escalation process is put into play. This process includes close monitoring of in-activity, various sets of alerts and reminders if the ticket is nearing a Service Level Agreement breach. ServiceNow’s built-in SLA feature oversees all processes to ensure that support is always on-demand.

Types of Tickets ServiceNow Can Resolve

For any IT best practice, organizing incidents by type is key. ServiceNow goes one step further and categorizes issues by the following:

  • Incident management is an unplanned interruption to an IT service or a reduction in the quality of an IT service.
  • Problem management focuses on finding the root cause of an issue. This is usually sent to a team for severe malfunctions to resolve with a long-term fix.
  • Request management is usually implemented for smaller requests when users/employees need support from IT.
  • Change management is categorized for drastic changes made to your IT environment, like integrations or replacing a legacy system.

Why Choose ServiceNow?

ServiceNow has been solving many business problems since 2003 and is repeatedly listed as one of the fastest-growing software companies in the world. ServiceNow streamlines services by defining, structuring and automating workflows to remove email and spreadsheets from the process.

One of the most beneficial aspects of ServiceNow is the relatively low amount of configuration needed to get the platform up and running in an enterprise. This eliminates time from being wasted and allows you to jump right into identifying concerns and resolving them.

ServiceNow security operations ensure full-stack security to your business while expanding the benefits of ITSM to almost every sector of your business including human resources, accounting, legal, marketing, customer service and more. By increasing the availability and visibility of devices and services, you can automate repetitive tasks so your team can spend more time investing in your core business, rather than spending time with small issues.

V-Soft Consulting is a proud ServiceNow Partner that helps modern enterprises operate more efficiently than ever before.

Interested in learning more about the transformative solutions of ServiceNow? Talk to one of our ServiceNow experts now for flawless integration.

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