Maximize Business Value with ServiceNow ITBM

Maximize Business Value with ServiceNow ITBM

ServiceNow is constantly improving the service delivery process and has started to evolve every business unit as a strategic business partner to deliver better cost to value. ServiceNow has transformed IT as an active and strategic business entity with IT Business Management (ITBM) module. ServiceNow ITBM elevates IT department with a business-driven methodology to streamline efforts in line with business goals and drive overall business value and success.

IT Team Challenges Solved by ServiceNow ITBM

  • Understanding and mapping out ambiguous business goals
  • Prioritizing business needs to maximize returns
  • Channelizing business investments
  • Driving business transformation
  • Cross verifying investments to ensure they are generating value and meeting goals
  • Making sure high costs of developing, managing and administering IT is proportional to the value created
  • Projecting return on value for the costs incurred
  • Understanding the total value brought to the organization from all business units

How ServiceNow ITBM Delivers Business Value

Assess, Gather and Handle Business Demands

IT teams struggle to locate, track and assess business needs and accordingly plan and channelize business investments. This is because there is no centralized approach to manage demands from various business units. Requests can get lost and there is a lack of visibility into the overall queue. As businesses rely on IT teams to care for demands, not having a channelized approach to handle business demands will result in a communication gap between IT and business leaders. This also limits IT to enable businesses in making informed business decisions.

With ServiceNow portfolio management capabilities, ITBM develops a thorough portfolio of all business applications. This includes data about every functional module’s usage and its implication to the organization. Through the portfolio management dashboard, organizations can have detailed info about various parameters like cost, risk, user satisfaction, and alignment with business goals in real-time.

Using the demand management application (refer below image) ITBM provides a unified approach to gather and strategically analyze requests coming from business units. Businesses now have a quantified understanding of the business scope and can channelize accordingly or prioritize investments.

Figure: Configurable bubble charts illustrating dynamically updated as demands are created and assessed.

Figure: Configurable bubble charts illustrating dynamically updated as demands are created and assessed.

Hassle-Free Investment Funding for Informed Decisions

Demand management isn’t the only responsibility of IT business management.  Organizations need to methodically assess and prioritize demands, then decide on where to invest and allocate funds. Mismanagement of funds can result in failure to reach organizational goals and also affects relationships with stakeholders.

IT teams often find it hard to plan and track investment and release funds based on demands. As it requires various business teams to come together and place their respective project deliverable priorities (that would have a direct impact on the business goals and ROI). Planning investments and releasing funds to demands always has a risk factor.

ServiceNow ITBM’s Investment Funding application mitigates these risks and assists IT and business teams to have conflict-free decisions on investments and funding based on the demand management data and organizational strategy and goals. To make strategic decisions, investment funding uses domain separation to isolate data, processes, and administrative tasks into small groups called domains.

ITBM follows a top-level investment approach to acquire and distribute funds. Investment funding allocates requested funds to appropriate IT requests based on existing funds. Businesses can track spending and utilization status. This way IT teams provide transparency to top leadership and stakeholders and have a clear understanding of how funds are working toward growth.


ServiceNow ITBM enables IT teams to deliver business value by being proactive, developing strategic collaboration within business units, becoming value-driven and proving ROI to top leadership.

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