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Parsec tailored solutions empower businesses to fully utilize ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics to gain visibility into resources, skyrocket operational efficiency and explore various business opportunities.

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Predict Trends with Native Analytics

The performance analytics platform empowered by predictive intelligence, tracks, compares, and predicts trends and provides actionable insight to improve efficiency while optimizing business costs and modernize the service delivery process.

Map Service Objectives to Business Goals

ServiceNow’s performance analytics provides hundreds of predefined KPIs to gain deep insights into the quality of business services and processes. Thereby computing which service objectives are aligned with business objectives. Easily locate roadblocks in the service delivery process, plan improvements and validate decisions you’ve already made by understanding how they affect performance.

    Resource Utilization Made Smarter

    Thorough analytics on resource utilization enables businesses to get in hand the statistics such as working hours and time spent on each task. This information allows the stakeholders to manage their employees and resources at their highest capabilities to run a project successfully. This improves cross-organizational collaboration. This way performance analytics enhances transparency, governance, and accountability.

    Agile Data Strategy

    Performance Analytics decentralizes data silos and makes data easily accessible to authorized team members, transforming the data strategy to be completely agile. Performance analytics dashboards provide flexibility in choosing which data points to monitor. This makes it easy to classify and position key data components across all projects

    Proactive Risk Management

    The PA platform is driven by machine learning. On regular basis the platform monitors and predicts the probability of risk occurrence and helps teams to counter and manage risks in before they happen.


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