VERA is an AI-driven voice chatbot application that provides a conversational user interface for the users to interact through voice with any enterprise system.

Woman using Voice Activated technology

Where Does VERA Fit?

Businesses can make use of VERA across all verticals. In the boardroom, VERA can be used to immediately pull up relevant market and industry information, and then display it on the screen. VERA automates repetitive tasks within IT, HR, CSM and beyond. VERA uses VaaS (Voice as a System) or VaaP (Voice as a Platform) to create service tickets and forever change the dynamic of how work gets done.

Modernize Service Delivery

VERA can be fully integration with the ServiceNow Platform. This means simple voice commands can initiate service requests
With VERA, users can:

  • Get list of approvals
  • Review change/service requests
  • Create incident and service request
  • Fetch Knowledge base articles
  • Show dashboards
  • Pull up key table information

Reinvent Communication Strategy

Most recurring tasks can be automated with VERA by providing a solution or sharing a relevant knowledge base article to help find the solution. VERA offers better management of enterprise services and operations, ensures better employee/stakeholder engagement, and drastically brings down service costs.

Better Data Utilization

Powered by AI and fully integrated with enterprise systems, VERA can integrate with all data sources to ensure data agility and receptiveness. VERA studies user interactions and develops a behavioral map of users, learning to cater specific content to users and behaviors.

Zero-Touch UI Interface

The VERA’s uncluttered multi-support voice architecture, offers users natural voice experiences, and zero-touch experiences, while communicating with enterprise systems. VERA's agnostic platform gives it the ability to work with any legacy or cloud-based system. The zero-touch UI allows even the least tech-savvy employees to create tickets and request PTO.


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